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We provide specialist services in Linux, VoIP and infrastructure solutions to agencies and enterprise teams.

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MyWebTeam provide specialist IT and technical support services to organisations that dont have inhouse resources to support custom hardware or software solutions.

Our core customers are enterprise teams and IT consultants who require Linux, VoIP or programming resources to support their clients system within their scope of works.

Linux Solutions

We are Linux evangelists. We can assist your business by providing you an ad-hoc or managed service that allows to support your clients that require Linux expertise.


We can provide enterprise class phone system solutions at a significantly lower cost of entry. Every one of your clients has a phone system, why not offer offer our solutions to your clients!


We can provide programming and development services to improve your internal operations, we can also work with your customers on their development projects.

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About Us

MyTechTeam is a boutique technology provider, offering a range of services specific to IT professionals, service providers and SME's. Our core service is to work with local and national Information Technology organisations in designing, executing and supporting solutions within the hosting, linux, VoIP and online arenas.

As a division of Team LinSec Pty Ltd (fomerly LinSec Consulting), MyTechTeam has over 15 years of Linux and IT related experience behind our team.

Partner with us

All our services can be provided as a 3rd party independent entity or through whitelabeling, where we interact with your clients completely under your company/brand.

This gives you the flexibility of enhancing your existing service offerings through whitelabeling, or simply referring a trusted source to your clients.

Under our whitelabel servce, you can charge additional for our services and incorporate fees into your existing service offerings, or through direct referrals we offer generous ongoing revenue opportunities.

Talk to us today to see how our services can increase your customer satisfaction and bottom line!

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